Our Team

Our licence holder is Nga Tangata Tiaki o Whanganui and together we are Te Reo Irirangi o Whanganui Incorporated trading as AwaFM. AwaFM is governed by a board of trustees who must whakapapa to Whanganui. Mrs Keria Ponga is our chairwoman. Her fellow board members are Daryn Te Uamairangi, Mariana Waitai and Jane Peeti.


Started in 1991 and based on our tribal land in Whanganui city, we broadcast on 100FM in Whanganui, 91FM Ohakune and Raetihi and 93.5FM in Taumarunui. With Maori making up 23% of the total population of the Whanganui region 42,153* our median age is 24.7 years.* We are pleased to report thst this year we will celebrate twenty-eight years of broadcasting te mita o Whanganui.(Whanganui Ecdonomic snapshot, Statistics NZ 2017.

Te mita o Whanganui

  • 22012 Maori in Whanganui region said they are speakers of Maori. Over 33% are under 15 years.

  • 48% of Taumarunui identify as Maori out of a total population of 4500. Over 450 say they are speakers of te reo.

  • 30% of Ohakune identify as Maori out of a total population of 900.

  • Over 50% of Raetihi identify as Maori out of a total population of 1002.

  • AWA FM and Maori Media Strategy

    Whanganui Iwi media te reo plan contributes to the Maori Media Strategy vision "From the heavens to the earth, the Maori Language is our purpose" in the following ways;


    Daily broadcasts of te mita o WHanganui originated from our rohe as first time content and also archival content from our recent past.


    Te mita o Whanganui heard and broadcast at local events. Our audiences are able to listen to and see the quality of our announcers utilising the spoken mita o Whanganui live "kanohi ki te kanohi" as well as over the airwaves.


    Differing levels of te mita o Whanganui offered from beginners kaumatua to fluent pakeke and rangatahi.


    Targeted groups as a focus for growing the use of te mita o Whanganui contributing to the greater vision of te reo Maori.

    Targeted Audience

    Our tribal mandate as "Mouri ora, mouri awa, mouri tangata" combined with our te reo strategic goals reflects the diversity of age, fluency and locative factors that our broadcasting outputs are designed to reach our target audience of 15+ years.

    With such a wide range of ages and fluency levels within our rohe thew acquisition and retention of te mita o Whanganui requires robust and purpose built monitoring systems. It currently includes face to face hui with differing age groups, in person and online surveys combined with social media data. We are exploring and developing through wananga, hui korero how Whanganui ser ourselves - te reo o te kainga.